Jun 21, 2018

Packed Fresh, Delivered Fresh, Everyday!

Cottage Country Products are a fill line of every best selling candies, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, trail mixes, snacks and healthier choice snacks.  All packed fresh daily and delivered promptly to better stores from coast to cost.  Below is a listing of some of the products we carry. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please contact us.


Got a crush on Candy!

Jelly Beans
Ju Jubes
Sour Jubes
Spearmint Leaves
Assorted Fruit Slices
Jumbo Gums 
Fruit Mix
Sour Cherry Balls
Sour Neon Worms
Gummi Bears
Sour Gummi Bears
Licorice Allsorts
Wine Gums
Peach Rings
Peach Slices
Sour Cherry Slices
Sour Fruit Salad
Sour Blue Foot 
Sour Grapes 
Sour Watermelon Slice
Licorice Babies
Black Jack
Bubble Gum
Sour Teezers
Sour Pleezers
Gummy Frogs
Marshmallow Bananas
Marshmallow Strawberries
Marshmallow Peanuts
Big Foot
Hot Lips
Cinnamon Hearts
Scotch Mints
Spearmint Scotch Mints
English Mints
Spearmints (Green)
Wintergreen Mints (Pink)     
Sweet & Sour Mix
Soft & Chewy Mix
Gum Chews
Extra Sour Gum
Gummy Worms
Cherry Loops
Assorted Fruit Rings
Jube Fish
Spice Drops
Assorted Sour Fruit Balls
Gummy Blue Sharks
Sour Belts Blackberry 
Sour Belts Strawberry
Sour Belts Rainbow
Sour Licorice Tubes 
Strawberry Licorice Tubes
Sour Licorice Wire 
Assorted Licorice Tubes 
Coloured Licorice Tubes 
Bacon N' Eggs
Black & Red Berries 
Gummi turtles 
Coloured YoYos 
Fried Eggs 
Famous Fruits 
Cola Bottles
Salt Water Taffy
Strawberry Twists










Snack it up!



Popping Corn   
Caramel Corn  
Chocolate Pretzels  
Bits & Bites   
Toasted Corn 
Toasted Corn BBQ
Louisianna Lightning
Sweet Heat Bar Mix
Banana Chips
Shanghai Crunch

Some like 'em Wrapped!

Mint Humbugs
Fruit Bon Bons
Red Striped Mints
Green Striped Mints
Butterscotch Drops
Strawberry Bon Bons
Vanilla Caramels
Dubble Bubble Gum
 Starburst Fruit Chews
 Mackintosh's Creamy Toffee's



Little on the Nutty Side?

Fruit & Nut Mix
Trail Mix (Youth Mix)
Harvest Mix
Cranberry Delight
Hiker’s Mix
Peanuts SaltedPeanuts NO SaltRed Skin Peanuts SaltedBBQ PeanutsHoney Roasted PeanutsBeer NutsPeanuts in ShellBall Park PeanutsSunflower Seeds SaltedSunflower Seeds NO SaltSunflower In Shell SaltedPumpkin Seeds SaltedPistachios Roasted SaltedMix Nuts With PeanutsCashews Roasted Salted
Almonds Natural Whole
Hickory Smoked Almonds

Bring on the Chocolate!

Chocolate Almonds
Chocolate Peanuts
Chocolate Raisins
Chocolate Macaroons
Chocolate Rosebuds
Chocolate Coins
Dark Chocolate Macaroons
Dark Chocolate Rosebuds



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